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Right to Live: LGBT Community

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Myth Buster

Here are a few myths that have been floating around about homosexuality

Myth # 1: Homosexual men molest children.
Reality: 97% of the child sexual abuse is done by heterosexuals.
Myth # 2: Recently the number of homosexuals has increased tremendously.
Reality: From Alfred Kinsey's studies to others in the 1980's, the incidence of homosexuality has remained fairly constant. However, homosexuals are more visible now. With the gay liberation movement, more homosexuals stopped keeping their preferences secret. Many more have "come out of the closet".
Myth # 3: You can always tell homosexuals by the way they look or act. Men who act in a feminine manner must be gay. Masculine women with short haircuts and deeper voices must be lesbians.
Reality: These stereotypes only apply to about 15 percent of male homosexuals and 5 percent of lesbians. These stereotypes confuse the concept of sexual orientation with gender roles.
Myth # 4: Homosexuality is a mental illness.
Reality: While once classified as a mental illness, both the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association have removed homosexuality from their list of mental disorders. Numerous studies have shown that homosexuality is not linked to psychological disturbance and is in no sense a "mental problem".
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