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Right to Live: LGBT Community

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Hate Crime Cases

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"Clinton tried to push expanded hate crime legislation through Congress in 1999, after the highly publisized murder of Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard, who was killed because his attackers were offended by his homosexuality, but the bill died in committee. Shepard's killers were ulitimately convicted and sentenced to life in prison, even thogh Wyoming's hate crime law does not protect homosexuals." (1)
Everyday someone somewhere in the world is assaulted verbally or physically and even killed based on the color of the skin or the country from which they are from, even for the way they talk or the language they speak. People are also being hurt or killed because of their sexual orientation. However, these individuals are not protected by the law in most states, and cases are going unsolved simply due to the fact that the victim is homosexual or a transsexual. Here is one example of a hate crime that happened in the United States.
A lesbian couple was kicked out of a wellness center in the beginning of 2005 once the director of the center realized that the woman who needed treatment had a partner.The woman who was suffering greatly after being misdiagnosed with cancer was liable to losing one of her legs if she did not exercise, especially in a sufficient swimming pool. She contacted the center in question and met with the director to sign up for their swimming rehabilitation program.To pay for the program she was going to use her domestic partner insurance, the director promptly denied her request. She then offered to pay for the program out of own wallet and was once again denied. The couple discovered another program at the center that would allow them to use the pool. They started to use the pool in the summer of 2004. As soon as the director spotted the two at the pool the couple was asked to leave to pool. Returning the next day the couple was threatened with the police and were escorted out of the building after the director called them "faggots". The couple soon received dismissal letters from the center. Soon after the couple achieved a lawyer and are in the middle of a lawsuit against the wellness center.

Medical treatment

Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender individuals are targets in today's society.


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